Jewelry Design and

Metalsmithing Classes


Denise Elizabeth offers "hands on" Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing classes to small groups of three students per class. The learning process begins with the basic techniques of Metalsmithing such as: sawing, filing and sanding, textures, buffing and polishing, and finishing methods to create different pieces of jewelry out of copper and silver. Advance courses will take you through very interesting techniques such as stone setting, domes and jump ring-making, printed designs, metal forging, chasing and repoussť, and granulation, among other techniques that will allow you to work with other metals. Classes emphasize not only techniques, but also the handling of jewelry making tools and equipment. Denise Elizabeth encourages the students to use the principles and elements of design. Courses are designed in a way that the student is able to complete a project in each 6 weeks course, learning a new technique each time. Metalsmithing courses include the use of tools and equipment in workshop during each 2-hour class.


The cost for each 2-hour class is $60.00. You must reserve your space with a $60.00 non-refundable fee at registration 10 days before the course begins. For a class schedule or to register for a class call us at:  (787) 234-0502 




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